"Global racing program paying off for Team Illuminate" -Cyclingnews.com, Dec 2017

COLOMBIA; Mid-race adjustments
During a race you sometimes have to make adjustments or repairs and stopping is often not an option. In Colombia, during Stage 3 at Oro y Paz, Martin came back to the team car and described that his seat had slipped, it was now angled down, he was able to ride, but there was no way he could complete the rest of the stage with the seat in that position.
After reporting the problem, Martin remained composed and moved into a position where our mechanic, Andres, could access his seat. With Martin paying close attention to the road and lifting himself off the seat, Andres was able to slightly loosen the seat bolt, allowing Martin to move the seat back into position himself. Once Martin had the seat at the angle he wanted, he gave a thumbs up and Andres was able to quickly tighten up the seat bolt again. All in all, the process took ~90 seconds.
Words; Chris Johnson
Photos; Ethan Glading, Paula Franco