"Global racing program paying off for Team Illuminate" -Cyclingnews.com, Dec 2017

COLOMBIA; Pre-race bike prep
Prepping the bikes before a big international race like Oyo y Paz is a 2-step process. The first step is getting everything ready and packing in the United States and the second step is getting everything unpacked and ready whenever you can once you arrive - in this instance in a hotel room at a 5-stay hotel in Cali, Colombia! 
While the bikes are cleaned and prepared in the US before we make the trip, the bikes have to be reassembled once we arrive. Gear and everything is run through so that the bikes are all in perfect condition for the race. 
For Oro y Paz we brought 8 bicycles to the event - 6 for the riders, 2 spares and an additional 2 sets of spare wheels. 
The day before the race, the mechanics go over the bikes and make any needed changes. All bikes are cleaned up again and race numbers and timing chips are attached. The mechanics also check a number of other teams, like the Di2 batteries and tire pressure.
On the morning of the race, the bikes are transferred from the bike room in the hotel to the team cars. Here the bikes are checked again and then loaded onto the vehicles. When we transfer to the start the bikes that are being used in the race will be loaded onto team car #2, while the spare bikes will be put on team car #1. This is done so that when the vehicles and team arrive at the starting location, only the race bikes need to be removed and the spare bikes are already in place on team car #1. 
Words; Chris Johnson
Photos; Ethan Glading