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MUSIC; What the riders listen to

We asked the riders on our men's and women's UCI teams what music they like. Here are some of the responses;


Camilo Castiblanco (COL)

"As a good 'Latin', always before training I listen to Salsa! I love all the Latin and Colombian rhythms- Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue, Cumbia and Vallenato! All this music recharges me with good energy and so I feel my muscles heat up and I go out motivated to train 💪Although I must confess that I love all kinds of music from Classic Rock to the "Rancheras" of Mexico and Colombia.
Before the competitions I always listen Salsa, Bachata and Regueton. My favorite artist is Héctor Lavoe from Puerto Rico, he was the greatest Salsa singer of all time, he had a very hard life as a child but he managed to get ahead and become "Singer of the Singers" is a great example of overcoming and motivates me always to understand that everything is possible!
I have many favorite songs, but I listen to each one according to my mood when I'm happy I listen "Vamos a reír un poco" when I'm a little unmotivated I listen "El día de mi suerte" and when I'm sad I listen "Periódico de ayer". All of Hector Lavoe!

Lexie Millard (USA)

"The music I listen to largely depends on my mood or what kind of training I am doing. If I am going out for long endurance rides, I like to listen to happy upbeat songs I can sing to, usually folk or indie. Some examples of artists for these training days are Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Shakey Graves, and Vance Joy. For recovery rides I like to listen to podcasts. I just finished listening to S-Town and Dirty John. These stories keep my mind occupied while I am doing easy riding. On days with intervals or hard efforts I need music that is motivating, energetic, and loud. I like old school hip hop or something electronic with a good beat, like Odesza or the Chainsmokers. My music style is always changing to keep it fresh and interesting. I don't have a specific 'pre-race' song. It depends on what I've been listening to lately and what will help put me in a good mood and mind set to race!"

Simon Pellaud (SWI)

"My playlist is changing a lot these last few months! Colombian music is a big part now! Just for the way that this music bring me a big motivation and gives me a smile. For example : Los caminos de la Vida. But for me the best of the music is.... to travel with! I love to change style. From old School Rap (Notorious BIG), to French music (Noir Desir) to Reggae Music (Israel Vibration) or the best... country music (Johnny Cash)!!"

Cameron Piper (USA)

"I listen to Above & Beyond - Group Therapy mixes.  They’re weekly radio shows that have a mix of progressive trance artists mixed by the British group Above & Beyond.  To me, it’s perfect before a race or even during training, because it helps to calm my thoughts, but is usually uplifting music!  When a familiar song comes on, it's usually because I would have heard it before a good race from last season - like a specific live set before the Taiwan KOM Challenge last year!  That’s a good mix to listen to when I’m looking for that extra little bit of motivation."

Grace Anderson (NZL)

"I actually don't really listen to that much music while out training, it can get pretty busy round Auckland so I save the tunes for the long solo K's when I need a bit of extra motivation. When I do I listen to a bit of everything... Fall Out Boy; can't beat the classic Mr Brightside and some of Kayne West's older songs like Stronger. I find these get me in the best headspace and help me forgot the pain I'm going through! It also depends what mood I'm in, but generally I'm not too fussy as long as it's not a super sad song I usually find it motivating. Surprisingly no I don't have a pre race song, I tend to not listen to music before a race, not sure why I just have never really gotten into it."

Martin Laas (EST)

"If I'm honest then I don’t listen to music while training, I don’t like at all. Also I do not have favorite artist or song. If I need to mention one song then Whitesnake - Here I Go Again. Why? I don’t know exactly why, but that's the song that motivate me and give good emotion before race. When I listen music then I prefer to do it loud and this song is just perfect for that!"

Mikayla Harvey (NZL)

The music I tend to listen to is more chilled and indie vibing. However, when hitting out a hard core training session or needing some pre-race motivation, I bring out my less chilled out music and the occasional rap song. I am always listening to different artists and music, but there is one song that I always go back to when getting ready for a big race. Loose your-self by Eminem, has been a long time favorite. There is something about the lyrics that really puts me into race mode, this verse is my favorite: 
'Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity 
To seize everything you ever wanted 
One moment 
Would you capture it or just let it slip?'
Racing is all about being in the moment, and giving it everything you have. These lyrics speak for themselves in terms of never giving up and seizing the opportunity."

Connor Brown (USA)

"The danger zone by Kenny Loggins. Nothing gets me more fired up than the feeling of being Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Such a classic movie with the best sound track."
Words; Chris Johnson
Photo; Ethan Glading