Become a member of Team Illuminate!

Team Illuminate is a global cycling team that brings amateur riders, cycling fans and elite racers together.

2018 Member Benefits

-Weekly team updates.
-Ability to purchase team clothing.
-Product, travel and service discounts.
*After your order is placed, you will be contacted by a team representative via email.


 Frequently Asked Questions

+ What type of discounts do I get as a member?

-As a member of Team Illuminate you will have access to a number of online discount codes. These codes can be found in the Member Login area. Discounts are split into three categories (service, travel and product) and typically range from 10%-40% off MSRP. 

+How do I order team clothing?

-As a member of Team Illuminate you have the ability to purchase team clothing. Orders can be placed by members at any time throughout the year. 

+ Can I give a gift membership to Team Illuminate?

YES! Gifting a membership to Team Illuminate is a great idea. When signing someone else up for membership, mention the person's name and email in the notes section during checkout. We will follow up directly with them and confirm contact with you. 

More questions; info@illuminatethebike.com